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Some feedback from a selection of clients including individuals and group bookings.

Testimonial by Stewart on Mountain Bike Intermediate Skills Courses

I wanted to book a course so that I could learn how to use my new Mountain Bike properly, after scouring the net and seeing a number of companies that looked 'dodgy' I came across Dolomite Training and their open programmes. This was exactly what I needed and the syllabus covered all the areas I was looking to improve in. From the moment I sent the email, the communication from Steve was superb, he obviously doesn't just respond to emails in the office! The process was clear and quick, he even talks to you beforehand to update you and check that you are capable. I had booked onto the intermediate course. The instructor (Paul) turned up on time, was exceptionally pleasant and made us feel at ease. it was clear that he had a wealth of knowledge and had done everything we were going to do and then some. He assumed nothing and the learning started straight away. The scenery was perhaps too distracting as the views were amazing. couldn't have done it in a nicer place. There was only one other student so the tuition was very tailored. Other companies would have cancelled with only 2, not Dolomite. We progressed along the trails, learning new skills and practising them until we felt confident. At no point did he make you feel stupid for not getting it straight away, and he could adapt the session to try another angle of teaching. I can honestly say that I did things I would never have done on my own, he built my confidence up to a new high. I am going to book on a caving course in the future as I like their style and methods and I felt at all times that it was about me and what I needed as opposed to what they could deliver!

Testimonial by Laura on Charity Abseiling Events throughout the United Kingdom

We wanted to do something different to fundraise for our respite home and this was perfect. We decided to do the 3 9's challenge 9k bike ride to a bridge 90ft abseil and 9k bike ride back. We had a mixture of ladies from fit to not so fit! Dolomite were amazing helped us every step of the way. The abseil was fab and we were in safe hands with the team. Thank you guys for the laughs and experience.  

Testimonial by Daisy Wilde - VSO on Charity Abseiling Events throughout the United Kingdom

As part of my fundraising efforts for Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), I decided to organise an abseiling event, as I thought it would get peoples attention and help raise lots of money! When I first approached Dolomite, both Steve and James were extremely supportive and helpful. With their advice, I managed to get 19 people on board. Dolomite even promoted the event via social media. The day itself was fantastic! The abseil went really well and everyone involved said how reassuring the team were. They were friendly and approachable, which made the day fun and exciting. Thanks for such a great abseil - I have managed to fundraise £1287 so far, which is incredible. I would definitely recommend booking a charity abseil through Dolomite, they really go the extra mile!

Testimonial by Valley CIDS on Charity Abseiling Events throughout the United Kingdom

A huge thank you toDolomite Training for all your help in making our charity abseiling a success. It was a perfect day with 15 people all safely abseiling 90 feet from the top of Millers Dale Bridge to the riverbank below. Yeah, we all did it without landing in the river and it was a great experience. Very few people had abseiled before but the team managed to calm the fears of everyone and no-one backed out! A good crowd of family, friends and dogs turned out to cheer us on and it was a fantastic morning. Thank you to Dolomite Training and we look forward to you leading another challenge for us next year.

Testimonial by David Wiggins on Mountain Bike Skills Course

I'd booked a day's mountain bike training to learn how to ride my new machine properly and what was going to be a small group turned into a 1 to 1.  I reckon most providers would have called to cancel but Dolomite was adamant that he'd still deliver for just me and he did. Very patient and - of course - attentive instruction followed and by the end of the day I was a lot more confident on the bike, technical downhills etc.  Dolomite provided a really nice and competent teacher who put up with my incompetence with the clip in pedals. Must get some flats while my skills improve. I'd recommend Dolomite and wish them well.

Testimonial by John on Introduction to Rock Climbing

After reading the reviews on Tripadvisor and seeing lots of great ones we decided to go for Dolomite for an introduction to rock climbing. Both myself and my friend were complete beginners having never climbed indoors or outdoors before. After a phone call a couple of days before the course from Steve we were well informed of what gear to bring and where we would be meeting etc in advance. We met at a café at Calver as this would be more convenient to us than travelling to Darley Dale and meant we could get climbing quicker. Tom was the person who was going to take us climbing for the day and we talked through our expectations and what we wanted to get out of the course etc and then set off to our first location Stanage Edge. After a short hike to the crag Tom talked us through the equipment such as ropes and knots, belay devices, anchoring devices and safety gear. He made sure we were confident in setting up ourselves before allowing us to have a go. We managed to get 3 climbs in in the morning before having lunch and then moved to another location in Burbage Edge for the afternoon. We got in about 4 climbs here too and practised different climbing techniques. Once the day was up we both agreed we had thoroughly enjoyed the day and we are definitely coming back to do the intermediate course very shortly. Very glad that we chose Dolomite for our training it was a fantastic choice and our instructor was a very good guide so big thanks to him. He encouraged us and made sure we were safe throughout the course and gave us some great advice regards equipment, books, places to climb etc. A great introduction thanks Dolomite Training!

Testimonial by Martin C on Introduction to Caving Course

We wanted a half term activity and to fulfil the Scouts Badge Caving criteria for our daughters aged 11 and 12. Dolomite staff met us at our hotel where we were given hand outs and a comprehensive safety briefing. We travelled to Giants Hole, Castleton and after lunch we completed the more challenging P8 ‘Jackpot’. Throughout the day they engaged us, particularly the children, in the geology of the caving system; our safety and enjoyment were paramount. We can’t recommend them highly enough – they were fun, trustworthy, approachable and friendly. We will be back in the summer for more.

Testimonial by Greg C on Intermediate/Advanced Map Reading Course

Five of us had a brilliant day out in Edale up on kinder scout with Dolomite Training. We all came away saying how great it was and well worth it. The weather came in and helped us immediately put our navigation skills into practice. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys getting out in the hills. I thought I knew how to navigate properly but this really taught me a lot and boosted my confidence. Thanks again Dolomite Training!  

Testimonial by Mike & Zoe on Intermediate Caving Course

Steve and James took us for an awesome trip down into Peak Cavern. They checked our experience levels beforehand and tailored the visit for us perfectly, giving us a good challenge to get the adrenaline going and teaching us some new techniques and facts along the way. We absolutely loved it and will be contacting them again for more caving trips. Highly recommended!!

Testimonial by Pete H on Mountain Bike Skills Course

Great day out with Dolomite on mountain biking skills course. The instruction was pitched at just the right level, so I came away having learnt loads and with lots more confidence on the bike. It was great to spend time sessioning sections I would normally just ride through, really working on particular aspects. Staff captured it all on camera & video, so I have plenty of reminders of what I should be thinking about in future too. The staff instruction is really insightful and delivered with good humour, so I'd thoroughly recommend the course to anyone wanting to improve their riding skills.

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